ANAB Accreditation for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Benefits of implementing quality management systems include increased operational efficiency; an opportunity to critically examine how employees do their work and interact between functions; establishing the proper processes for future operations; better documentation of methods and responsibilities; consistency of process; greater employee awareness about quality; cost savings from less scrap and rework, as well as fewer warranty claims; enhanced communication among employees; customer satisfaction; competitive edge; increased credibility; ease of trade; perceived higher quality; reduced customer audits; increased market share; and fulfilling supplier requirements for certification.

ISO 9001 is a base standard program in ANAB's fee schedule.

Please refer to the information about the accreditation process at How to Become an ANAB-Accredited Certification Body.


You can view the QMS application in .pdf format to understand specific requirements but the application process must be completed online via ANAB's EQM database; first-time EQM users must register to create an account.


Accreditation Requirements for Management Systems CBs

ANAB Accreditation Rule 20

ISO 9000:2005 Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary (available from ASQ and ANSI, both with member discounts)

ISO 9001:2008, Quality management systems - Requirements (for any new certifications after 2009/11/15 and for all certifications after 2010/11/15) (available from ASQ and ANSI, both with member discounts)

ISO 9004:2009 Managing for the sustained success of an organization - A quality management approach (available from ASQ and ANSI, both with member discounts)

Available from IAF:

IAF MD1:2007 Certification of Multiple Site Based on Sampling

IAF MD2:2007 Transfer of Accredited Certification of Management Systems

IAF MD 3:2008 Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures

IAF MD 4:2008 Use of Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques for Accredited Certification of Management Systems

IAF MD 5:2009 Duration of QMS and EMS Audits

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ACLASS for accreditation of calibration and testing laboratories, inspection bodies, reference material producers, and proficiency test providers.

FQS for accreditation of forensic inspection agencies and forensic testing agenices.