ANAB established the Terry Burgess Assessor of the Year Award to recognize outstanding service by its contract assessors. The award was established to honor the memory of a valued ANAB employee.  After serving in the U.S. Air Force and industry, Terry Burgess joined ANAB as an assessor and later became an Accreditation Manager for calibration. She retired from ANAB following a recurring cancer diagnosis in 2016, and she died in October of the same year. During her time with ANAB, she contributed much more than her job required and she was a trusted colleague and friend to the ANAB team and others.

ANAB is seeking nominations for the second annual award; if you wish to nominate someone, please use the online nomination form. Nominations closed November 1, 2018.

Only contract assessors for the management systems SBU and contract lead assessors for the lab-related or forensic SBUs are eligible for the award. All nominations should include a narrative of why the assessor is being nominated and should focus on the following selection criteria: teamwork, going the extra mile, customer service, professional advancement, creativity and innovation, performance excellence, leadership skills, and commitment.

First Burgess Assessor Award Goes to Holladay

Burgess Award.jpg

ANAB COO Keith Greenaway and Steve Holladay

In January 2018, the first annual Terry Burgess Assessor Award was presented to Steve Holladay, who has been working with ANAB since 1992, first as a volunteer Accreditation Council member and subsequently also as a management systems accreditation assessor.

Holladay was introduced to ANAB in the early 1990s when he served on ISO/TC 176, the committee responsible for developing and maintaining the ISO 9000 quality management standards. He has been instrumental to the growth and development of ANAB through the years. He has dedicated many hours, including volunteer hours, to help the company become what it is today.

Holladay is qualified to conduct assessments for many of ANAB's approximately 40 management systems accreditation programs, so his skills are much in demand.

Holladay is ANAB’s most active accreditation assessor for management systems and serves as an Executive Assessment Team Leader and as an Assessor Review Panel member, helping to evaluate other accreditation assessors to ensure ANAB provides a consistent level of service and provides value to our customers.

Like Terry Burgess, Holladay has helped shape ANAB into the organization it is today. He has been a teacher to all and a friend to many, and ANAB is very grateful for his contributions.