Executive Leadership

Keith Greenaway

Keith Greenaway is Acting President and Chief Operating Officer of ANAB. He was President and CEO of ACLASS Accreditation Services prior to the acquisition of the company by ANAB in 2007. Greenaway joined ANAB as Vice President.


Lori Gillespie

Lori Gillespie is ANAB’s Vice President, Management Systems. She has been with ANAB since 1998 and previously served as ANAB’s Director of Accreditation, overseeing day-to-day operations of the management systems accreditation programs.


Doug LeonardDoug Leonard is ANAB's Vice President, Laboratory-Related. Previously, he was President of the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau, which was acquired by ANAB in 2016.


Pam SalePamela Sale is ANAB’s Vice President, Forensics. She was Executive Director of the American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board prior to the merger of ASCLD/LAB with ANAB’s forensics program.


Roger MuseRoger Muse is ANAB’s Vice President, Business Development. He was Vice President of ACLASS prior to the acquisition by ANAB. He is responsible for business development, marketing, and the commercial training program.




Board of Directors

The board of directors of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board is responsible for facilitating communication about accreditation programs, recommending creation of new accreditation programs, and providing annual budget approval. Members of the board represent stakeholders and include technical experts and industry and government representatives.

Joe Bhatia, American National Standards Institute (ex officio)

Rick Calabrese, Sartorius Group North America

Charlotte Christin, FDA

Keith Conerly, Sodexo

Ashok Dandekar, Fujitsu Laboratories of America

Alan Daniels, The Boeing Company

Janet Girten, Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Patricia Gleason, Safety Equipment Institute (chair)

George Huff Jr., Amtrak

Glenn Michaelsen, Spring Bank

Edward Mikoski Jr., Electronic Components Association

Robert Noth, ret. Deere & Company

Ulo Palm, Allergan PIC

William Troy, American Society for Quality (ex officio)

Richelle Kinzie, American Systems Registrar (non-voting)

George Lofgren, RAB President Emeritus (non-voting)


ANAB Management Systems Accreditation Council

The ANAB Management Systems Accreditation Council grants, suspends, and withdraws accreditation of certification bodies; prepares ANAB management systems program procedures and criteria; provides a mechanism for initial appeal on accreditation decisions; reviews and approves ANAB operating procedures that guide day-to-day operations; and provides technical resources to ANAB administrative staff.

Rena Bass, ANAB Accreditation Assessor

Reg Blake, BSI, Inc.

Wynn Bowman, Star Associates International (chair)

William Bozzo, Dekra Insight

Joe Cascio, George Washington University

Pamela Cremeens, Cremeens Management Group Inc. (vice chair)

Elizabeth Delaney, First Environment

Deann Desai, Georgia Tech

Lori Gillespie, (ex officio)

Steve Holladay, ANAB Accreditation Assessor

Pete Kucan, Performance Review Institute Registrar

Tim Lee, The Boeing Company

Tracey McMillan, Motorola Inc.

Bryan Milne, Gulfstream

Mary (Susie) Neal, Goodrich

Mark Overland, Cargill Incorporated

John (Jay) Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute

Jamie Phillips, Whirlpool Corporation

Thomas Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chris Spire, MSIA Associates, LLC


ANAB Accreditation Council for Forensics and Lab-Related Strategic Business Units

ANAB’s Accreditation Council for Forensics and Lab-Related SBUs is made up of appropriate interested parties. The Council’s purpose is to:

  • Be a standing committee to serve as an ad-hoc advisory group to advise on recommended changes to and implementation of policy related to defined technical activities associated with accreditation programs, as necessary.
  • Represent the appropriate technical competencies and provide specific technical input for new accreditation programs and existing accreditation requirements, as requested. 
  • When required, participate in appeals and complaints in accordance with applicable ANAB procedures.