What is Accreditation and How Does It Benefit My Organization?

These are common questions from organizations pursuing accreditation for the first time. I’ll answer these questions and more in an upcoming webinar.

At a January 30 webinar, I’ll provide my perspective from my position of responsibility for developing and advancing ANAB accreditation programs. I work with industry and client groups, international organizations, and the U.S. government to develop sector-specific conformity assessment and accreditation programs and to promote the use of the international IAF-ILAC system and independent third-party accreditation programs. I also have experience providing technical support and conducted assessments to a number of accreditation standards.

This webinar will be most meaningful for those within laboratories as well as in government and private industry. The presentation will provide an overview of accreditation standards and their general content, allowing organizations to recognize how technology can help in meeting some of the accreditation requirements.

In additional, Qualtrax compliance software (which ANAB uses) will be discussed, to show how organizations can use software to work toward conformance with ISO standards.

The webinar will be held at 2:00 pm EST on January 30, 2019.

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