ANAB Conducts First Work-Out

Posted by: ANAB 6.29.2017

For three days during the week of June 20, 2017, ANAB used a popular problem-solving tool originally created by GE called Work-Out. Led by Keith Greenaway, ANAB's COO, the Work-Out set to empower ANAB staff to challenge the unavoidable growth of organizational bureaucracy.

The Work-Out was used to support organizational change, solve problems, and help leadership get results. The ANAB Work-Out followed the traditional five sessions GE invented, which include an introductory, brainstorming, gallery of ideas, action plan session, and town meeting sessions.

Twenty-three new ideas emerged from the brainstorming session. Participants voted on these ideas during the gallery of ideas session, and the 23 ideas became 10, which the team turned into 12 recommendations and presented at the town meeting session.

“We set-out to address two overall goals: How do we improve our culture while focusing on serving our customers better than anyone else and how do we ensure that our processes, policies, and procedures are sustainable for the current size of the business plus five-years,” Greenaway said. “We looked at how to eliminate inefficiencies from our processes and how to build our culture into tomorrow.”

All 12 recommendations were approved for implementation. An owner was assigned for each recommendation and over the next four months the owners will work collaboratively with appropriate co-workers to execute the recommendations.

Three oversight meetings will be held at approximately 60, 90, and 120 days after the Work-Out to monitor progress and ensure that results are being achieved and communication is occurring throughout the business. 

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