The third-party conformity assessment system includes numerous requirements that complaints be effectively addressed.

    To file a complaint with ANAB, proceed here. You will be prompted to login. If you have not created a username and password, please do so here.

    Complaints can be filed against ANAB and its services, an ANAB-accredited or applicant CB, or a certified organization. On logging into the complaint center, the first question is with regard to the type of entity the complaint is against. The complaint process progresses based on the response.

    Complaints against ANAB-accredited or applicant CBs or certified organizations are investigated according to ANAB Accreditation Rule 13. Complaints against ANAB and its services are assigned an investigator and reviewed in accordance with internal procedures. The complainant is contacted as soon as possible by ANAB staff or an investigator.

    To search complaints filed with ANAB after 18 September 2006, click here 

    To file a new complaint, click here; login here to proceed if you need to create a username and password.