Accreditation for ISO 14034 and ISO/IEC 17020

ANAB offers accreditation for ISO 14034, Environmental management – Environmental technology verification (ETV).

Published in 2016, ISO 14034 is the first international standard aimed at creating a uniform approach to the ETV process. The standard specifies principles, procedures, and requirements for environmental technology verification (ETV). 

Organizations seeking accreditation to ISO 14034 also must become accredited to ISO/IEC 17020. ISO 14034, when paired with ISO/IEC 17020, provides a framework for technology validation that ensures proper metrics are identified for technology evaluation, consistent evaluation methods are implemented, and high quality standards are achieved for clean energy technology verifications.

The standard is designed to deliver multiple benefits that enhance confidence in the selection of technologies demonstrating an environmental added value, including:

  • Levelling the playing field for technological innovators
  • Harmonizing the ETV process across international boundaries
  • Providing credible, independent assessment of innovative environmental technologies
  • Enabling informed decisions when identifying and selecting suitable technologies
  • Achieving sustainable environmental targets that benefit citizens around the world

An environmental technology either results in an environmental added value or measures parameters that indicate an environmental impact. The objective of environmental technology verification (ETV) is to provide credible, reliable, and independent verification of the performance of environmental technologies.

New environmental technologies can make a significant difference in terms of resource and cost savings. The goal of ETV is to provide to confirm the performance claim of the environmental technology. ETV ensures that a product’s environmental claims are true and verified, and presents a clear assessment of the technology’s environmental potential and value

ETV provides an independent evaluation of new technologies. Validation of environmental claims allows users, developers, regulators, and other parties to make informed decisions about purchasing, applying, and regulating innovative technologies. Verification builds vendor credibility and buyer confidence by providing assurance that environmental performance claims are valid, credible and supported by high quality, independent test data and information.

A technology that performs above normal standards or presents an innovative approach to solving an environmental problem can nonetheless face challenges because of lack of independent and credible evidence of its advantages. Other stakeholders, such as purchasers or investors committed to using environmental technology solutions are often faced with non-comparable, incomplete, or un-tested performance information when assessing the available market options.

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