ANAB is the only accreditation body in the Americas recognized by the IFS to the deliver accreditation scheme for the IFS Food Store program. Designed by retailers and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized, the program caters to the needs of retailers by providing globally accepted inspection requirements for activities including deli, on-site butcher and seafood, and other grocery operations. IFS recognition is demonstrated through the use of an IFS logo that can be obtained only through the recognized accreditation process.

The objectives of the IFS inspection body program are to:

  • Establish a common standard with uniform evaluation systems
  • Work with accredited certification bodies and qualified auditors approved for IFS Food,
  • Ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain
  • Reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers

The scheme is used to evaluate processes and measure the safety of food products at stores with reference to best hygiene practices, country-specific regulations and requirements, and the control plans of retailers.  

Recognition under the IFS Food Store Program allows retailers to provide assurance to customers that they meet global best practices and to gain a competitive advantage and enhanced reputation. Results of accredited IFS Food Store inspections are used by stores and retailers to monitor compliance with company policies and applicable food regulations. They also allow specifiers to spend fewer resources on supplier selection.

ISO/IEC 17020 Documents

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