ANAB EPA Energy Star Accreditation

    ANAB assesses laboratory operations to ISO/IEC 17025 and Energy Star Laboratory Recognition Requirements established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Assessors are provided with Energy Star product requirements. Upon a satisfactory assessment, ANAB grants accreditation and issues a certificate and scope of accreditation attesting to the technical competence of laboratories to perform test required for Energy Star qualifications.

    To serve as an EPA-recognized accredited laboratory for the Energy Star Program, a laboratory shall meet the following requirements:

    1. Maintain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
    2. Develop and maintain separate laboratory test procedures for each accredited Energy Star test method that detail how testing will be conducted using the laboratory's test facilities, fixtures, equipment, and personnel.
    3. Notify EPA/DOE and ANAB immediately of any attempt to hide or exert undue influence over test results.
    4. Have recorded in its scope of accreditation its specific competence to carry out the test methods outlined in the Energy Star program for which the laboratory intends to test products. The relevant test procedures are included in the product testing section of each Energy Star specification.
    5. At a minimum, the title of the relevant Energy Star product category will be included in the scope of accreditation If the laboratory is unable to perform the required test procedures for every product subtype within the program requirements, it should also list specific subtypes covered within those requirements. (Note: To decrease the burden to laboratories and ANAB, EPA will not require laboratories to update their scopes of accreditation when an Energy Star specification is revised. However, EPA will require that the laboratory ensure its methods remain consistent with the test methods described in the program requirements of the currently effective version of the specification. Further, major changes in test method - for example, when a specification revision calls for a different test method altogether from the preceding specification version - will necessitate a scope of accreditation update to reflect the newly required test method. In such cases, the ANAB policy on scope expansion shall apply)
    6. Allow EPA or an EPA-appointed representative, at its discretion, to witness any testing performed for qualification or verification of qualification to the requirements of the Energy Star program. EPA and ANAB will jointly notify the laboratory. EPA or its appointed representative agrees to operate solely as an observer and not participate in any way with the testing activities of the laboratory.

    For more information, contact Roger Muse, or 414-501-5455.


    ANAB and ANSI offer a joint program to provide dual ANAB-ANSI Energy Star accreditation for their respective accreditation programs. Certification bodies can gain accreditation from both ANAB and ANSI through this joint program rather than applying to each organization separately.

    ANSI accredits certification bodies that seek recognition from EPA to certify products under the Energy Star program. The ANSI program, which was launched in August 2012, assesses applicant certification bodies against the requirements in EPA's Conditions and Criteria for Recognition of Certification Bodies for the Energy Star Program and ISO/IEC 17065. For more information, visit ANSI.