Seeking Technical Experts

ANAB is looking for technical experts for various fields related to ANAB lab-related accreditation programs.

Technical experts participate as members on ANAB assessment teams. Using interviews, observations, and documentation and technical file reviews, teams conduct assessments of organizations' conformance to the accreditation requirements and evaluation of their technical competence to conduct activities under the scope of accreditation. 

Technical experts are assigned by ANAB to provide specific technical knowledge and expertise about the scope of accreditation to be assessed. 

Technical experts are responsible for:

  • Working with ANAB and the lead assessor to assist in development of an assessment plan.
  • Working under the direction of the lead assessor to complete the assignment as directed.
  • Using their technical knowledge to ensure correct performance of the relevant technical activities as assigned by the lead assessor.
  • Providing the lead assessor a thorough description of any technical deficiencies identified.
  • Providing a detailed summary of all technical comments and observations relating to the competency and technical capability of the observed customer.
  • Working with the lead assessor to provide any necessary documentation to support the assessment activities.

Participation in ANAB assessments provides the expert with ongoing professional development and benefits the industry by ensuring uniform application of the accreditation requirements, including those for technical competence.

More information on accreditation and the assessment process

If you're interested in participating as a technical expert on ANAB assessment teams, contact Matt Sica at