The following ANAB-accredited certification bodies have completed the transition to ISO/IEC 17021-3:2017. Additional information can be found in Heads Up 382.

AENOR Internacional S.A.U. 2018/03/09
American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar 2018/08/03
American Systems Registrar 2018/08/21
Aviation Suppliers Association dba ASACB 2018/07/30
BCC Inc. 2018/06/26
Beijing East Allreach Certification Center Co. Ltd. 2018/08/13
Beijing Head International Certification Co., Ltd. 2018/04/30
CEPREI Certification Body 2018/03/27
CERTECH Registration Inc. 2018/09/11
CMA Quality International Inc. 2018/09/11
DEKRA Certification, Inc. 2018/06/13
DLS Quality Management, Inc. 2018/06/13
DNV GL Business Assurance USA, Inc. 2018/06/26
EQA 2018/04/16
Ever Win Quality Certification Center 2018/07/15
Global Standards S.C. 2018/08/22
Great Western Registrar LLC 2018/08/03
ICR International Certification Registrar Ltd. 2018/06/13
International Standards Authority, Inc. 2018/06/26
KaiXin Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 2018/04/11
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, Inc. 2018/08/28
National Quality Assurance, USA 2018/04/17
NSAI, Inc. 2018/07/11
Orion Registrar, Inc. 2018/09/20
Platinum Registration, Inc. 2018/06/13
Quality Systems Registrars, Inc. 2018/07/29
RINA Services SPA 2018/06/26
RONET International Certification Services Ltd. 2018/07/15
Schellman & Company, LLC 2018/08/28
Shanghai Noa Test & Certification Group Co. Ltd. 2018/04/10
Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. 2018/03/09
TUV USA, Inc. 2018/08/06
World Certification Services Ltd. 2018/06/13