The following ANAB-accredited certification bodies have completed the transition to ISO/IEC 27006:2015. Transition requirements can be found in Heads Up 336.

Aprio, LLP 2017/08/24
BSI Assurance UK Limited 2017/08/25
Burr Pilger Mayer 2017/02/08
CEPREI Certification Body 2017/03/21
Certification Association "Russian Register" 2017/03/21
Coalfire ISO Inc. 2017/08/10
DQS Inc. 2017/06/17
EQA 2017/04/26
ISOQAR Inc. 2017/10/31
NSAI Inc. 2017/09/30
NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd. 2017/01/18
Price and Associates CPAs LLC dba A-LIGN 2016/11/03
Schellman & Company, LLC 2017/02/08
SRI Quality System Registrar 2017/04/25
The Standards Institution of Israel, Quality and Certification Division 2017/06/19